Don't let Google & Chromium take over the webThey have the power to do so and have attempted to before
Switch to Firefox now
The only other mainstream browser that isn't ran on Chromium :D
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No JS Needed!

Blob Fox Floof HappyBlob Fox Floof BoopBlob Fox Floof Boop


The privacy-respecting foxxo that likes modern UI & contributing to open-source (and foxes !! 1!)

Bootleg animal ears for Mastodon

Adds animal ears to pfp's based on keywords

Install W/ Stylus

Tutanota Modern

More minimal, neater, and makes drastically better use of space than Tutanota's current design

Install W/ Stylus

Mastodon Advanced View Plus

Adds more customization to Mastodon's Advanced View!

Install W/ Stylus

Threads for Mastodon Pinafore

Mimicks the Threads desktop UI for the Mastodon Pinafore client

install W/ Stylus
View all of my UserStyles!


Some Contributions

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Because I use them so much...

All blob-foxxos were created by Volpeon!

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